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We partner with talented agents, deliver personalized coaching and administrative support and then scale them through proven lead generation and marketing. For those who choose, we then provide a career path into leadership resulting in business ownership. We do this so our partners can increase their profitability and achieve their #BetterLife, all while delivering world class service to their clients.

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What, Why and How

We’re on a [mission] to simplify and clarify home buying and selling for our team members and our clients. Our end goal, or our [vision] is to help our team members and our clients move to their better life. How we go about doing this shows up in our [core values], which are: to advocate selflessly, execute tightly and live lightly.

Our Core Values

Thrive operates by three core values:

  • Advocate selflessly: We give our clients the tools to make the best decisions for them. Period. That means we advise clients on what will work best for their long-term vision, without consideration of the repercussions for ourselves. It’s not always easy — but it’s what’s right, and we do what’s right, for the long game.
  • Execute tightly: We make transactions work by being really good at what we do. We have to know more and do better than the next agent, whether we are supporting clients as a counselor, financial advisor, legal explainer, or salesperson. When we aren’t an expert in one area, we know how and when to recommend a specialist who can provide the right advice. Always, we have the client’s ultimate experience as our priority.
  • Live lightly: Through it all, we have fun. We work in a high-pressure industry. One of our mottos is, “We all get each other coffee.” That means that while we do have organization in place for an efficient operational structure, you won’t see us bowing to a pecking order. We understand that everyone makes mistakes, and there’s always room for growth. We face challenges arm in arm as the Thrive family.


Thrivers choose to pursue relationships over chasing transactions. Thrivers are vigilant, diligent & proficient. Thrivers take their roles extremely seriously, but do not take themselves too seriously; light heartedness is a promotable attribute. Thrivers value humility while being extremely good at what they do, and embrace the responsibility of their roles.


We handle our team member’s and client’s money, time & heart as if they were our own. We execute at the highest level with a predictable process. We are real, personable and easy to do business with. Unlike the typical real estate company where all agents act independently with very low accountability, we have chosen to build a culture of high accountability and a team approach. Much like the difference between a gym membership (traditional brokerage) and a cross-fit personal trainer, Thrive is designed to invite it’s team members to a high challenge, but with robust support.


Thrive is rated the #1 brokerage in the nation by Zillow for client experience, carrying a score of 4.9 out of 5 across over 600 verified client reviews. In addition, we’re top rated on Yelp, carrying over 300 reviews with an average of 5/5 stars, and over 250 Google reviews with 5/5 stars. The founder of Thrive is also on the Zillow Advisory Board.


Thrive is a tech-forward brokerage and leverages a suite of technology platforms that are first class, simple, flexible and effective. Our technology ensures standardized and streamlined ways of engaging with prospects both online and offline, converting, managing and servicing clients. Please click here for our current Tech-stack.

We hire people who


Think and act like crew, not passengers.


Believe in the concept of personal accountability.


Handle success in a healthy way.


Care about the who, why and how more than the what.


Have the desire to become the best at their profession.


Enjoy simplifying and clarifying complex decisions for others.


Are ready to lead, and ready to follow.


Enjoy picking up the tab from time to time, “just because”.


Think fast and act big.


Are prone to believe in possibilities.


Are not afraid to fail, publicly.


Are teachable and coachable, no matter their experience.


See the long game but play the short game.


Like the idea that, “we all get each other coffee,” no matter your title.


Take what they do very seriously, but take themselves very not seriously 🙂

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