Should I go FSBO?


As the real estate industry evolves, it seemingly becomes easier to market your home without the use of a professional.

It can be tough to determine whether to use a REALTOR® or sell privately with a “for sale by owner” (FSBO) listing.

At Thrive Real Estate, of course we’re biased — home sales are not only our profession, they’re our passion! Rest assured, though, that we live our vision: to move people to their better life. That means we treat your situation as if it were our own. Here’s why we recommend working with a Thrive Advisor instead of “going FSBO.”

What to Ask Before Selling by Owner

Behind the scenes of a home sale are many moving parts. Before you decide to take on the job of selling your home by owner, ask yourself a few key questions:

Can I be objective about my home?

A home becomes your canvas; a painting of your life. Albums are filled with photos from 10 years of family vacations, memories, and holidays. Walking across the floor, you instinctively know what boards will creak, how to get the toilet to stop running and how to open the screen door in a second flat when no one else seems to have a clue. Things that may have once seemed like an annoyance are now part of what makes a home your own. It’s hard to let go of something that has become a part of you over the years.

But buyers don’t feel the same. They look at your home and see what they want to see. And it can be very difficult to set aside memories and emotions as buyers critique your home. You’ll have to listen to buyer criticisms and be open to suggestions for improvement, even if you don’t like what you hear.

A REALTOR® serves as an emotional bridge. Working with a trusted Thrive Advisor helps you stay calm — and avoid some heated moments — during the selling experience.

Do I have the knowledge to price my home appropriately?

The first step of any home sale is reaching a listing price. Some sellers have an unrealistic idea of their home’s market valuation. Just looking at comps online isn’t enough to tell you what buyers will actually pay.

Whether your idea is low or high, your REALTOR® will play a crucial role in helping you come to a sensible price range. After completing a comparative market analysis (CMA) and examining other data like the absorption rate (how fast homes sell in your area), your Thrive Advisor will offer their respectful suggestion as to the price range you’ll be able to obtain. Learn what your home is worth.

Am I able to market my home effectively?

The initial marketing of your home is the most important aspect of the marketing process. You’re not just selling a home; you’re selling the lifestyle and vision a home should make a buyer want. Do you have the skills, patience, connections and marketing savvy to stage your home and build a website with custom photography, then share that listing with thousands of prospective buyers? Thrive does.

Once your Thrive Advisor has viewed your home, he or she begins building a marketing campaign for your home. With our powerful Seller Advisor marketing system, your home will be syndicated and advertised to more than 50 websites, made available to thousands of REALTORS® and appear in social media streams to hundreds of thousands of people. See how we market your home.

Can I anticipate and respond to problems quickly?

The ability to quickly handle problems during escrow can be the difference between a closed deal and one that falls through. Real property vs. personal property can present issues during the closing process.

For example, if you are selling your home FSBO and do not stipulate that your expensive, antique chandelier will be moving with you, you could run into trouble. Likewise, if you do not complete all the legally required documentation and disclosures, you could find yourself in the midst of a nasty lawsuit.

Thrive REALTORS® are trained to anticipate and avoid problems or respond to difficult situations quickly. They’ve handled countless transactions and run into near-deal breakers throughout their careers. Learn more about our process to help sellers.

Do you have time to show your home to buyers — and will you make yourself scarce?

Most often, FSBO homes do not offer access to their home via a lockbox. If you do, how will you ensure the security of your home and personal belongings? Not having showings easily available can cripple the ability for real estate agents to show your home to potential buyers while you are at work.

If you’re selling the home yourself, will you vacate the home when you have a showing? Your presence hinders the sale of your home. Home buyers generally feel intimidated. They rush through the home and tell you how wonderful it is (even if they hate it). They hesitate to look through every nook and cranny, even though this is what they long to do to make a decision to purchase your home.

On the other hand, your Thrive Advisor ensures your home stays safe and secure — while prospective buyers feel comfortable envisioning it as their own.

Why Consider Selling Your Home With an Agent?

These are but a few of the issues sellers can run into during the selling process. And another important fact still remains: On average, homes listed by REALTORS® sell for higher prices than those listed by homeowners, and faster, too.

As you can see, it is important to understand what a good agent will bring to the table. A professional offers emotional objectivity, knowledge, marketing reach and advanced negotiation tactics.

Read to talk? Contact us for a no-pressure, no-commitment consultation and home valuation.

Still on the fence? Read what sellers are saying about our company.


of all FSBO’s end up listing with an Agent.


end up selling to someone they already know – do you know anyone who wants to buy a home currently?


end up selling to someone they do not already know, but at 11% less than Market Value.


of all real estate related lawsuits are caused by transactions with only one or no agents.


you have an 86% chance of failure, while carrying a 75% risk of ending up in court. Meanwhile, you can expect to sell for 11% less than what you could have.


you can list your home with Thrive, net 5% more in your pocket and live your better life.

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