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As a seller, current health risks are real and social distancing is a necessity, as well as abiding by all federal, state, county and local laws and guidelines.

The good news is, real estate agents are classified as an “essential business” and therefore can still operate. At Thrive, we are absolutely committed to our team members health and safety first and foremost. We are also fully operational and ready to go to work for you to help you achieve your better life, even in the midst of COVID19.

How the Virtual Selling Process Works

Below you’ll find the services we have developed to help navigate the steps you need to take to sell a home in today’s environment in a safer manner.

Virtual Consultation

We will schedule a virtual appointment with you to learn what your ideal time frame is, answer all your questions and provide a home valuation. We then get to work creating a safe plan that achieves your real estate goals.

Virtual Tours (by us)

By leveraging Zoom technology, one of our Advisors can take other agents and buyers on live, interactive tours of your home so that we dramatically minimize the number of buyers who come into your home.

Virtual Tours (by you)

If you’d prefer that nobody enters your home, you can take agents and buyers on live, interactive tours of your home also through Zoom technology. Your Thrive Advisor would also be on the tour to answer any questions that may come up.

Video Tours

We can create commentated videos of each level of your home. We can then upload the recordings to YouTube and send the link to buyers and agents for viewing.

3-D Virtual Home Tours

We can create 3D schematics and floor plans of your entire home. It is literally like being there in real life. Click here for an example of a 3D tour we recently created.

Visitation Management

When anyone does enter your home, we can meet them to ensure all door knobs and cabinet handles are wiped down with Clorox wipes after the visit. In addition, we can provide hand sanitizer so that any visitors have the ability to clean their hands when visiting your home.

Digital Signatures

100% of all the documents you’ll need to sign are enabled with digital signatures. There’s no software to install and no meetings necessary.


We will do our best to get a “drive-by” appraisal approved for your home – if this is possible, it will eliminate one more visitor to your home.


We will facilitate a touchless closing for you through either a “curbside closing”, a digital closing or a remote closing in the safety of your home. Click here to learn more about your options. 

With Thrive’s help…

With Thrive’s suite of virtual seller services described above, we can help you sell your home and move to your better life with minimal physical interaction, helping to keep you safe, healthy and secure.

Connect With Us Virtually
Connect With Us Virtually
How We Market Homes
How We Market Homes

Kevin and his team at Thrive are the perfect virtual real estate agents. We lived across the country in 2015. When we saw the home we wanted we did not want to risk losing it. Kevin gave us a virtual tour of the home and was so detailed that there were no surprises when we moved in. Overall it was a great experience and we got the home we loved in a seamless process. The video tour, pictures and comps reports were invaluable and helped us make an incredible investment. Thanks!

Working with Tracey and the Thrive team made our experience moving across country much easier! Tracey’s dedication to listening to our needs and her responsiveness to scope out and look at homes for us was above and beyond. Looking for a home remotely was stressful and we made a leap of faith in Tracey and she pulled through with flying colors. Not only was she a great Realtor, but she connected with us personally which made our virtual moving and buying experience much smoother. We would highly recommend Tracey and the Thrive team – thank you so much!
Jenn and Dan

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